How To Fix Error Code 30015-39 (5)

How To Fix Error Code 30015-39 (5)

Microsoft Office is an excellent software which helps its users saves a lot of time in computing different kinds of tasks. The is user friendly and is suitable for small, medium and large scale business and organizations. It is much easier to install and use however sometimes while installing the installation fails and an error code occurs 30015-39. There are various reasons for display of such an error like the presence of a corrupted file or incomplete presence of previously installed file in the device. You can follow the direction given here to resolve this issue of office setup. Before trying for the solution get to know about the common causes of failure of setup.

Causes of Error Code 30015-39 (5)

There are various causes of Error Code 30015-39 (5). Some of the most common reasons behind the occurrence of error code 30015-39 (5) are given below for better understanding of the error.

  1. Sometimes software of Antivirus and firewalls blocks the installation of
  2. Even the internet connection or the proxy settings might block the installation of
  3. The previously installed versions of may block the installation of office com setup
  4. Sometime changing of previous file, installation of previous file, an old repaired file, an incomplete file, a partially installed file can block or prevent the installation of newer versions of

Resolve Error Code 30015-39 (5)

Follow the steps given below to resolve error code 30015-39.

  1. Go to Start and select Control panel.
  2. Select Programs
  3. Select Programs and features.
  4. Select Office Product that needs to be repaired.
  5. Select Change.
  6. Select Quick Repair and then select Repair.

Note: If the error is not fixed then select Online Repair and click on Repair. However if the error still exists then try to reinstall the Office Suite to resolve the error code 30015-39 (5) for the setup.

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