How to Fix the Microsoft Excel Error Code Stdole32.Tlb?

How to Fix the Microsoft Excel Error Code Stdole32.Tlb?

Office is the top choice among professionals who need to compute tasks at a rapid pace. The program allows the users to create numerous presentations, edit reports and make spreadsheets. There are some issues however that occur in the excel application such as the error code Stdole32.tlb which can be resolved by following these guidelines.

Repairing the Application

·         You can fix this error by going to the start tab and clicking on the option named apps and features. The apps and features page will show up on your monitor display, you can locate the office application in the list of programs installed here.

·         You can click on the tab named change and click on quick repair option. This will take some time in repairing the issue however if it doesn’t resolve the problem then you can run a diagnosis to fix the issue.

Modifying the Registry Base

   The issue of Stdole32.tlb can be fixed by opening the registry editor. This can be done by going to the command prompt and inputting the command named regedit. After this, you can press enter key which will open the registry editor on your screen.

 You can select the key associated with the error code Stdole32.tlb, further, you can see the key in the registry editor. Once chosen you can hit the delete key as this is causing the issues with the excel application. After this step, you can check if the issue has been fixed or not.

Checking For the Permissions and Scanning the System

  To resolve the error Stdole32.tlb you will require monitoring the permissions. You can open the application and then go to the excel.chart 8 and choose the option named everyone. Now you will require checking the option for read and full control, further, you can click on the apply tab and hit ok.

  You can also run a system scan to see whether the antivirus is blocking the functionality associated with some of the components of the office excel application. There could possibly a virus in your system which can be scanned and removed.

The error code Stdole32.tlb associated with excel application can be fixed by following the guide given above in a sequential manner.

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