Learn to Use Formulas in Excel Sheet

Learn to Use Formulas in Excel Sheet

MS Office is popular among users for its various application software. The availability of different software to suit the various needs of companies increases its demand value in the market. One can easily get MS office by visiting the website www.office.com/setup. MS Word, MS Paint, MS PowerPoint are some of the amazing software offered by office com setup. Microsoft Excel is a software program offered by MS Office use to do logical calculations, recording data of business processes. MS Excel saves time and hard work of employees in a business. There are two ways in which a user can perform the calculation in Excel which includes Formulas and Functions. Formulas are defined and developed by the users according to the need while the Functions are already predefined in the software and are used to make calculations.

Creating A Formula In Excel

Formulas are created to suit the specific needs of a situation. If a user needs to perform various functions including summation, multiplication, and division on data in a particular fashion then the formula is developed to do the specific task in a particular order. Perform the following steps to create a Formula in Excel sheet.

·         Select the cell

·         Type the equal sign (=) in the cell

·         Type the address of the cell which you need for operating.

·         Enter the operator as per your needs.

·         Now type the address of the other cell needed to perform an action.

·         Repeat the 3rd followed by 4th followed by 5th step if you need to add more operations.

·          Once the formula is ready to press the Enter button to find the result.

Using A Pre-Defined Function

The Excel Sheet of office setup has various pre-defined functions present in the MS Excel which clients can use for different calculations. Perform the following steps to use Functions.

·         Select a cell

·         Type the equal sign ( = ) inside the cell.

·         Now type the function needed to perform.

·         Select the cells after typing the opening parenthesis (.

·         Once the cells get selected type the closing parenthesis).

·         Press Enter and get results. The office.com/setup also gives customer support for any sort of technical issues arising in the working of the operating system.

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