How To Make Customize The Ribbons In Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 (Download available at offers the consumers and business, a set of applications to help in creating documents, spreadsheets, and more without any hassle. Moreover, you can customize the features available in those applications to access them quickly. For instance, if you have to create a table frequently in a document then you can simply add its shortcut by placing the icon in the ribbon. This ribbon is placed on the top of the work space in a document or spreadsheet. Furthermore, you can personalize this ribbon for:

  1. Organizing tabs and commands
  2. Hiding or un-hiding the ribbon
  3. Hiding specific commands
  4. Exporting or importing a ribbon
  5. Reducing the size of your ribbon

How to hide or unhide a ribbon?

  • Hide
  1. Open MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint that you have installed via office setup
  2. Hit the ^ option available in the top-right corner of the ribbon
  • Unhide
  1. Open the Office application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  2. Go to any tab such as Home, Insert, Page Layout, or more
  3. When the ribbon expands to display the sub-options, select the pin button to keep the ribbon pinned

In the Read mode, simply press the Esc key from the keyboard to display the ribbon.

How to reset the ribbon to its default settings?

  1. Move the cursor to Customize the Ribbon window
  2. Hit Reset and then Reset All Customization

However, to reset a select tab to its default settings, do the following:

  1. Go to Customize the Ribbon window
  2. Choose the default tab you want to reset to its factory settings
  3. Hit Reset followed by Reset Only Selected Ribbon Tab
  4. It’s done!

For further information on Office 365, visit the official website of Microsoft Office.