Business Plan During a Pandemic

April 26, 2021 Marc Gale 0

Businesses all across the country are gearing up for the coming onslaught of the flu season. Many companies have been slow to set up some sort of plan in case a pandemic occurs. Some companies are even making employees wear […]

Business Basics – Online Versus Offline

March 13, 2021 Marc Gale 0

With the increase of popularity of e-commerce sites like eBay, Amazon and Google Places, a whole new world of business transactions is becoming available on the internet. While traditional business transactions were completed at local trading centers and over the […]

Profitability of Trade Shows

March 1, 2021 Marc Gale 0

Trade show displays are increasingly becoming an essential part of advertising. It is an excellent way to create awareness among potential clients of a product or service. It is also a good way to get potential customers interested in a […]

Trade Show Exhibits

February 24, 2021 Marc Gale 0

Trade shows are a great opportunity to meet others who share your business and get the chance to share in the financial success that others are enjoying. Trade shows allow you to display your products and services in front of […]

Small Business Accounting Basics

January 21, 2021 Marc Gale 0

Accounting is a way of measurement, information processing and communication of information about financial and non-financial assets of both individuals and organizations. It is used to represent the value of an asset using a particular method and to determine the […]

Accounting Basics

January 1, 2021 Marc Gale 0

Accounting is the scientific method of computing using mathematical data, usually in a systematic and mathematically precise way. The basic purpose of accounting is to record and describe the financial transactions of an entity, such as a company or government. […]