Business Basics – Online Versus Offline

March 13, 2021 Marc Gale 0

With the increase of popularity of e-commerce sites like eBay, Amazon and Google Places, a whole new world of business transactions is becoming available on the internet. While traditional business transactions were completed at local trading centers and over the […]

How to Engage in an International Trade?

August 6, 2020 Marc Gale 0

Definition: An import export business is an international business that facilitates transactions of commodities and goods between foreign and domestic businesses. Simply put, it is a business which buys products internationally and then ships them back to domestic sales for […]

The Role of the Food Business Consulting Expert

July 10, 2020 Marc Gale 0

Starting a business that offers food products is not difficult. Choose the type of food you intend to sell and how you will do it. A number of food-based business choices include catering, delivery services, restaurant delivery and grocery goods […]