Trade Show Planning Checklist for Exhibitors

March 5, 2024 0

No matter if it is your first or twentieth trade show exhibitor experience, having an organized checklist can ensure all essential tasks are accomplished on time for your event. Our 12-month trade show planning guide and checklist can easily be […]

Maximizing ROI From Trade Shows – Best Practices For Exhibitors

February 20, 2024 0

Participating in trade shows can be an extremely profitable venture for businesses. They can maximize their return by setting clear objectives, employing effective public relations and marketing strategies, engaging potential customers at the event itself and following up afterward with […]

The Benefits of a Trade Show

December 24, 2023 0

Trade shows are events organized by businesses operating within a similar industry to showcase new products and interact with existing and potential customers alike. Trade shows remain valuable tools in today’s business environment of emails and Skype calls, offering various […]

The Best Trade Show Booth Companies

October 26, 2023 0

Companies are becoming more innovative when it comes to trade show booth design, with creative elements like exploding kittens and vending machine puppet shows becoming ever more commonplace. Flatworks Displays provides customizable exhibit designs that are set up quickly and […]

An Electrical Trade Show Can Help You Grow Your Business

June 22, 2023 0

Attending an electrical trade show is an excellent opportunity to network with professionals from your field and build valuable business connections, while learning about all of the latest technological advances. Make sure that your booth layout and electrical requirements are […]

Trade Show Attractions

March 27, 2023 0

Trade shows are an invaluable opportunity to connect with your target audience, but they can get somewhat repetitive after some time. That’s why it’s essential to provide attendees with something memorable and special so they keep coming back for more. […]

5 Reasons to Attend a Trade Show

February 25, 2023 0

Trade shows are a great way to showcase your products and services to current and potential customers. They also give you the chance to network and meet industry professionals. These events are often held a year in advance and can […]

Trade Show Accessories

December 7, 2022 0

Having a booth at a trade show can be a great way to showcase your company. But you need to make sure you have the right accessories to get the job done. The accessories for a trade show can be […]

Trade Show Activities to Keep Attendees Engaged

November 26, 2022 0

To keep attendees engaged at trade shows, there are many trade show activities you can incorporate into your booth design. Try throwing spongy giveaways to attendees that will spark a conversation. Besides prizes, you can also use these activities to […]

How Much Is a Booth at a Trade Show?

November 9, 2022 0

There are several factors to consider when determining how much a booth at a trade show costs. First, you must consider whether you will be using it for only one show or for many. If you are only going to […]